Here's How You Can Create Stunningly Professional Presentations In Just Minutes!

Impress Your Prospects. Wow Your Audience. Increase Your Credibility. Enhance Your User Experience.

No Design Skills. No Photoshop. No Coding.

From June Ashley & Kayte-Lee
RE: How To Give Your Presentations An Instant Makeover...

TED speakers. Keynote presenters. Startup entrepreneurs. Techpreneurs. They've been upping the bar in delivering epic presentations over the years.

Quite simply: times have changed. More people today are conditioned to expect slick, modern design presentations instead of a plain one.

It doesn't matter whether you stand on stage or record your presentation behind the computer... if you and your competitor have the same presentation, we are ready to wager this...

As long  as your design is better than his, 10 times out 10 people will choose YOU!

So imagine how much your sales conversions can jump or how much perceived value you deliver when...

  • You are making a sales pitch on stage
  • You are delivering a webinar to participants from around the world
  • You create video tutorials for your course buyers
  • You have an important proposal to make for your company in front of VIPs, VCs, CEOs, etc. (with possibly millions of dollars at stake?)

And all you had to do is simply switch up your design!

Okay I know, not everybody has epic design skills. And a lot of people don't know that even the seemingly simple Powerpoint slides require intricate coding for sophisticated customization. (Bet you didn't know that!)

Well you still don't have to know that - because it's already been done for you.

Announcing WOW Presentation 2

Instantly Spice Up Your Presentations!

7 Amazing Animated Presentation Themes. 126 Unique Slides. You Can Use These For:

  • Video Tutorials

  • Webinars

  • Statistics Reports

  • Business Presentations

  • Seminars & Conferences

  • Sales Pitch

WOW Presentation 2 Is 100% Of Everything You Need In A Presentation!

Here's What You Get:


    Powerpoint Presentation Themes with animation features. Watch the video demo and see this in action!


    You also get the Master Slides to easily change your logo and company name. Preview theme designs below!


    All presentation slides are done in widescreen dimension, the most popular format today.


    Simply change chart data values for your pie, line and bar charts to be professionally presented in graphs.


    Feel free to edit and customize the look and feel of your presentation slides anyhow you see fit!


    Dimensions: 1920px X 1080px. Presented in various formats to suit every temperament.

Watch This Video Demo

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With The Designing & Coding Done For You - All You Have To Do Is Open And Edit Away!

Just so you know, here's roughly how much it costs to get one presentation theme done by a professional graphic designer.

That's just one!

And if the designer knows you're about to use it for big time commercial use, be ready to pay TWICE to FIVE times the price!

But Today, You Get All 7 Themes For The Price Of 1.

Retail Price $97

GRAPHICSLING: WOW Presentation 2

We'll Even Up The Ante With Our Limited Time Bonuses!

Wow! Just WOW!

Think of the amazing possibilities you can do with these professional Presentation themes for your business.

Imagine the looks of your audience as they see in awe and wonder when you present in person.

Feel the envy of your competitors (and they'd probably guess you paid thousands for this)

Haha. Just between us, it's

Normal Price $97

(Save 90% This Week)

GRAPHICSLING: WOW Presentation 2

Your License Usage:

  • Can be edited
  • Can be used in video tutorial
  • Can be used in webinar
  • Can be used in offline presentation
  • Use for your client's projects
  • Unlimited usage
  • Can be resold in any way
  • Can be given away for free
  • Can be used as a bonus


What They Are Saying About WOW Presentation

Edmund Loh

Haha okay I know I am working with you ladies on this but I am going to put in my testimonial anyway. Just a couple of days before WOW Presentation was released, I was using the "Corporate" theme for my speaking engagement in Jakarta.

I love your work, it's done very nice and for once I get to feel good about my own presentation instead of the boring black and white 'IM-style' layout. That's a welcome change!

Edmund Loh, Musemancer SDN BHD
Sam Kaizer

Hi Ashley, I just have to say... Wow! This is amazing work you have done, it saves me time when designing charts and diagrams for my clients. I am also a happy user of Logo Genie Pro. I am happy with your service so far. Thank you.

Sam Kaizer, Freelancer
Emily Lindsen

I am just starting out and I hope to be able to use your presentation themes effectively in my online business. They look great! This will come in handy when I write my own e-books and record videos.

Emily Lindsen
GRAPHICSLING: WOW Presentation 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Powerpoint Version does it support?
A. Powerpoint 2007 and later.

Q. Are font files included?
A. Yes.

Q. Can it be opened with Open Office?
A. Open office is an .odp format. We provide .ppt which is support for Powerpoint. If .odp is needed, there are freely available conversion tools online such as, which can easily do the file conversion for you.

Q. How do I change the images in the slides?
A. Click on the image you would like to change, Then Right Click>Change Image.

Q. How do I edit the chart data?
A. Click on the chart you would like to edit. Then Right Click>Edit Data to update your values.

Q. How do I play my animated slideshow?
A. On the View menu, click on Slideshow>From Beginning or use the F5 shortcut key. Subsequently click on the screen or press your "right" key to move to the next animated slide.

Q. How do I edit the master slide?
A. On the View menu, point to Master, and then click Slide Master. In the thumbnails on the left, click the slide master or title master that you want to change. On the slide master or title master, make the changes that you want. To return to normal view, on the Slide Master View toolbar, click Close Master View.

Q. Is there a video tutorial to edit or use the slides?
Yes. It is included in the Download page after you make your purchase.

GRAPHICSLING: WOW Presentation 2

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