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VSL Templates Pro

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From June Ashley And Edmund Loh
RE: Sales video creation just got EASIER...

Perplexing, isn't it?

As the blank screen stares back at you, you are confused. Bewildered. Frustrated.

You know you want to make money.

You know to make money, you need to sell your product or service.

You know to sell your product or service, you need to have a sales video. But you don't know how to make a sales video - that REALLY sells, that is.


Why Most People Struggle With Creating Sales Videos

If you've been online for at least a while, then you now how essential having a sales video is. If you study all the bestselling products on ClickBank and JVZoo, they all utilize sales videos or video sales letters (VSL).

High level experts, coaches and trainers use videos to sell their services too because truth is, it's very difficult to push high ticket offers with just a written letter these days.

Unfortunately, for many creating a sales video is a daunting task.

For starters, you need to know at least fundamental copywriting skills. It's not uncommon to pay thousands of dollars to learn and master this prized skill.

Even if you have the copywriting skill... what about designing and creating the video itself?

If you can't do this, then be prepared to fork out at least a few hundred more dollars to get someone else to turn your words into video.


Why Video Builders And Templates Out There DON'T Solve It

If you look around, there's plenty of video creation software and video templates out there but chances are you've already tried some of them and let's be real... Most of them are cumbersome software.

Difficult to use. Hard to learn. Too much to figure out.

Worse, while they're designed to be multipurpose, they were created for everything and anything... EXCEPT for use as sales videos that CONVERT.

Because they all lack the formula (they probably left this part for you to figure out)

In Other Words...

You have to learn how to write your own sales video script.

You have to learn how to create videos.

Or... if you're not willing to do any of these, you have to pay through your nose for someone else to do it for you!

If only you can do it yourself - and get it done right now...

Yes, Now It's Possible...
With VSL Templates Pro.

VSL Templates Pro is a collection of 15 professionally designed Powerpoint Themes, created with one goal in mind: letting YOU create high converting sales videos on the fly... and in minutes!

These templates are versatile enough to be used for just about anything. As long as you have something to sell, you can use these templates.

How VSL Templates Pro Is Different

With VSL Templates Pro, the proven sales copywriting formula are built into the templates. All you need to do is fill in the blanks... and you're done!

There's no copywriting to learn. Plus the usefulness of the templates are matched by its beauty and professional design.

Here's How To Use VSL Templates Pro In 3 Easy Steps

Here's A Sneak Preview On All The Themes In This Package

Watch This Quick Demo And See How Easy It Is To Use VSL Templates Pro

How You Can Use VSL Templates Pro

How Much Will You Pay For A High Converting Sales Video?

Not long ago one of us paid a top gun copywriter $10,000 to produce an elaborate sales video for one of our niche products.

While considered somewhat exceptional, it's not uncommon to pay anywhere from $2,000 and above if you want to hire at least a decent copywriter.

Ultimately, it's all about RESULTS.

If your sales video converts, it will pay itself.

But not everyone is blessed with a massive capital. Nor does everyone have a huge appetite for risk.

That's why we created this more affordable solution that enables you to not only create your own sales video, but don't need to go through a full-blown copywriting course and you don't need to be a design expert at all.

Use VSL Templates Pro To Produce Quality Sales Videos...

  • Even if you've never written a sales copy or video sales letter script before
  • Even if you've never touched a paint or Photoshop program
  • Even if you don't use high-end video software (you need just Powerpoint)

It's not uncommon for freelance designers and videographers to charge you prices like $500 upwards to $1,000 to bring your videos to life.

And as you can see, our video templates are worth as much, if not more.

Plus with the proven copywriting formula built in, our templates save you the time and cost to learn copywriting from scratch.

You Can Get Instant Access To VSL Templates Pro For Just $997 $497 $97 Only

Income Opportunity Idea

Here's an idea we'd like to share with you on how you can quickly recoup your investment with this amazing package...

We're Also Giving You Developers Rights To VSL Templates Pro

What this means to say is, you can also use the templates to produce works for your Clients (who can be local business owners, other marketers and product sellers)...

... And charge them a professional fee! Even if you charge a modest $300 to $500 per video, that's already a PROFIT!

And because VSL Templates Pro is so easy to use, there's nothing to figure out and you can be in business with this even TODAY.


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VSL Templates Pro

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June Ashley

Edmund Loh


Q: What program do I need to be able to use VSL Templates Pro?

A: Microsoft Powerpoint - that's it! And you're good to go!

Q: Really? All I need is Powerpoint and I can record videos?

A: Yes. Powerpoint version 2010 or newer lets you do that!

Q: But what if I have an older Powerpoint program? Can I use other video programs like Sony Vegas Pro and Camtasia Studio for this somehow?

A: Yes that can work as well. Just note that Powerpoint older than 2010 does not have an "export video" feature. That's why we're suggesting this alternative.

Q: Do you provide any tutorial on how to use the Slides? I'm new.

A: Yes, we recorded a video tutorial crash course - they're not only several minutes long altogether, an indication on how to use VSL Templates Pro easily.

Q: Can I at least preview the VSL Templates Pro so I can make an informed decision?

A: Yes, the previews are shown above this section. Click on any thumbnail and you'll get a good idea.

Q: Do I need any previous copywriting experience whatsoever?

A: No, you just need to follow the Slides and fill in the blanks or [[]] sections as you go. Of course, be sure you know what your product or service is about first! 🙂

Q: If I may ask... do you have... Upsells?

A: Yes we do. We choose to reveal these only to paying Customers. Note they are optional, and are by no means a required purchase just for VSL Templates Pro to work. However if you're in business for the long haul, you'll find them useful 🙂

Get Instant Access To VSL Templates Pro For Just $97
Save 80%Today Only

VSL Templates Pro

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