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As a Customer of Video Ad Templates, I think you might also be interested in this...

Previously I had also released VSL Templates Pro and Webinar Templates Pro.

These are two Template packages that were sold at their own prices but only on this page, you can get them BOTH for 1 unbeatable price!

Details below... 🙂

First Let's Start With VSL Templates Pro...

15 professionally designed themes and templates to choose from

1,437 slides with smart animation ready

Built on proven sales video formula: just fill in the blanks and go!

Needs only Powerpoint

VSL Templates Pro is a collection of 15 professionally designed Powerpoint Themes, created with one goal in mind: letting YOU create high converting sales videos on the fly... and in minutes!

These templates are versatile enough to be used for just about anything. As long as you have something to sell, you can use these templates.

How VSL Templates Pro Is Different

With VSL Templates Pro, the proven sales copywriting formula are built into the templates. All you need to do is fill in the blanks... and you're done!

There's no copywriting to learn. Plus the usefulness of the templates are matched by its beauty and professional design.

Here's How To Use VSL Templates Pro In 3 Easy Steps

Compatible With All Popular Video And Graphics Programs

Here's A Sneak Preview On All The Themes In This Package

Watch This Demo And See How Easy It Is To Use VSL Templates Pro

Next, Allow Me To Introduce To You...

Webinar Templates Pro

Set Of 15 High Quality, Fill-In-The-Blanks Webinar Templates

Webinars follow a formula different from sales videos, and again if you want to learn how to do webinars it's going to consume more time and cost mastering it.

That's where Webinar Templates Pro comes in.

All you need to do is simply go through each slide, fill in the blanks as prompted... and you've churned out your webinar!

Plus Here's The Cool Part...

Of late we've seen some coaches and marketers offer to create webinars for their Clients and charge thousands of dollars.

And are people willing to pay so much? Yes, indeed!

Because if they're selling high prices like $697... $997... $1,997... $5,000 and above even...

Then they can easily recoup their initial cost.

So I imagine if you offer your own webinar creation service, you can charge your Clients like $997 and above... and they'll still take you up!

Here's A Sneak Preview On All The Themes In This Package

How You Can Use VSL Templates Pro And Webinar Templates Pro

Income Opportunity Idea

Here's an idea we'd like to share with you on how you can quickly recoup your investment with this amazing package...

We're Also Giving You Developers Rights To Both VSL Templates Pro and Webinar Templates Pro

What this means to say is, you can also use the templates to produce works for your Clients (who can be local business owners, other marketers and product sellers)...

... And charge them a professional fee! Even if you charge a modest $300 to $500 per video, that's already a PROFIT!

And because they are so easy to use, there's nothing to figure out and you can be in business with this even TODAY.

You get to see this offer only once. That's right. ONLY ONCE.

If you leave this page now, the next time you see this offer it will be sold at retail price (which is going to be many times higher) so here it is...


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VSL Webinar Templates Bundle