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Needs only Powerpoint

Video Ad Templates

From June Ashley

Dear Friend,

If you are selling anything online - whether it's physical products from your E-commerce store, local business, or providing service of some kind...

... as long as you're not using videos to advertise your offer, you're guaranteed to be leaving money on the table. LOTS of it.

I've interviewed several successful E-Commerce marketers that are doing millions of dollars in sales and they have in one thing in common: 90% of their ads are video!

You don't need me to share statistics to convince you on this. Just take a look at your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed and you will see the contents are mostly dominated by videos now (especially pay attention to sponsored ads)

Videos grab more attention than static images, and by extension increase your sales and lead conversions. Period.


If You Already Know This, Why Aren't You Doing More Of It?

You've probably arrived at this conclusion by now: it's not easy to create your own video ads.

For starters, you need to be skilled with using video editing programs.

Secondly, it is time consuming to create your own video ad - coming up with the narrative, the content, rendering the video, and more.

Thirdly, sure you can hire someone else to do it - but what if you need many video ads to split test? To launch more products? Are you going to keep spending $100-$200 per video? Get a full-time staff just for this?

That's what some people do, and few can really afford that.

Surely you don't want to spend several hours just creating 1 video ad (or days to make many) - or hundreds to thousands of dollars in third party freelancer or expensive software fees.


There's A Better, Smarter, Faster Way...

Instead of paying someone else through your nose to do video ads for you...

Instead of using expensive software to do the job (and some are buggy, I've tested several of them)...

Instead of doing the video creation the painstaking way by yourself...

What if you just use these specially designed templates to create an UNLIMITED number of video ads of any kind - for any niche - all within minutes?

Introducing Video Ad Templates

Video Ad Templates is a collection of templates you - or anyone - can use to create video ads in just minutes. With 30 different Themes to choose from, all you need to do is just pick any one of them, edit the captions, insert the images, and render video!

This might come as a surprise, but you only need Powerpoint to use these Templates!

The variety of Theme designs lets you come up with video ads for just about anything - from marketing E-Commerce products to selling your own service or offline business offer...

Here's How To Use Video Ad Templates In 3 Easy Steps

Why Choose Video Ad Templates?

Preview All The Themes In This Package

Here's An Example Video Ad Created From This Package To Advertise An E-Commerce Product...

Who Video Ads Templates Is For?

So How Much For All These?

Some E-Commerce companies hire full-time Videographers and Video Editors with salary range of $2,000 to $4,000 per month - just creating video ads for their products! Not an option for many marketers.

I had also test run a few cloud-based apps that claim they can create video ads for you quickly and professionally, charging prices like $39-$69 per month. However they were all slow and buggy. Again, not a good option for many marketers.

That's why I created the Video Ad Templates.

Nearly every computer has Powerpoint or Keynote. And with today's version of these already available Programs, there's no real need for you to buy another expensive video software like Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, etc.

Which means you save at least a few hundred dollars there!

And what if you can do it by yourself within minutes from now? How many video ads will you be able to produce and launch then?

With a generous collection of various Themes, you can use them for almost any niche and anything that can be advertised through video.

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Video Ad Templates

Income Opportunity Idea

Here's an idea I'd like to share with you on how you can quickly recoup your investment with this amazing package...

I'm Also Giving You Developers Rights To Video Ad Templates

This means you can also use the templates to produce works for your Clients (who can be local business owners, other marketers and E-Commerce store owners)...

... And charge them a professional fee! Even if you charge a modest $50 to $200 per video, that's already a PROFIT!

And because Video Ad Templates is so easy to use, there's nothing to figure out and you can be in business with this even TODAY.


Now For The Good News...

Because this is newly launched, I am introducing the Package with an intro price this week.

So if you act today, you get to save 80%.

But you must act now because this Intro special is not open-ended...

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Video Ad Templates

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Video Ad Templates

June Ashley


Q: Where can I use these video ad templates?

A: These video ad templates are optimized for Facebook and Instagram Ads. Though you can use for just about anything where video ads are involved.

Q: How do I publish these slides into video?

A: In Powerpoint, after you’re finished editing the slides, simply go to File > Export > Create a Video

Q: How long are these videos?

A: The durations are set for each Theme, and they range anywhere from 20 to under 40 seconds. However you can change the Slide time to shorter and longer.

Q: What is the dimension of these ad templates?

A: 4:3 which is suitable for both Facebook and Instagram ads.

Q: What about the soundtrack?

A: You can add your own soundtrack to the videos. We also give in one of the Fast Action Bonuses. Add and change through Insert > Audio > then pick sound from your computer or do your own sound recording.

Q: What program do I need to be able to use Video Ad Templates?

A: Microsoft Powerpoint version 2010 or newer – that’s it! And you’re good to go!

Q: What if I am a Mac user?

A: You can use Keynote.

Q: Do you provide any tutorial on how to use the Slides? I'm new.

A: Yes, we recorded a video tutorial crash course – they’re not only several minutes long altogether, an indication on how to use Video Ad Templates easily.

Q: Do you have Upsells?

A: Yes we do. We choose to reveal these only to paying Customers. Note they are optional, and are by no means a required purchase just for Video Ad Templates to work. However if you’re in business for the long haul, you’ll find them useful.

Get Instant Access To Video Ads Templates For Just $97
Save 80%Today Only

Video Ad Templates

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