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By now, you recognize that it takes a lot of cost, time and hard work to create your own product. And if you want to add another Upsell or backend offer that will take TWICE as long.

Which is why I think you will absolutely LOVE this...

Kayte and I have decided to hand over the Reseller licenses to not 1 but 10 of our fully-loaded, tried and tested Graphics businesses - each one built around the hugely profitable Graphics niche!

Speaking candidly: these things are as good as money in the bank!

We've made a nice six figure income business from these product in this wonderful niche - and yet its FULL potential is FAR from being realized!

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Announcing The Ultimate Licensing Rights To Our Graphics Businesses!

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Now we are not implying that you can get the same results, although we think that if you have a bigger mailing list than ours or you have your own group of affiliates you can make EVEN POTENTIALLY MORE...

This Is As Easy As It Gets!

In short...

  • You Are Going To Be In Our Shoes As A Rock Star Graphics Marketer! We let you 'clone' 10 of our already successful websites, all done for you and you can put YOUR NAME on them!
  • You Also Get Upsells All Set Up For You! This proprietary sales funnel will be setup for each of these websites for you, and
  • You Have Instant Hot Selling Products anywhere from $17 to $67... EACH! With various products at various prices, you practically corner all kinds of buyers... remember you keep 100% of the sales and 100% of the leads!
  • Everything's Going To Be On Your Server! Not only are we are giving you full control over them, we also offer to set everything up for you on your server!

Let's Take A Look At The Graphic Businesses:

Your Best Shortcut To Skip $25,000 Invesment Costs, 3 Years Of Hard Work, And Own A Network Of 10 Profit-Pulling Products...

With hundreds of thousands of new Internet users going online every single day, you will never run out of buyers. Buyers like:

  • Internet Marketers
  • Resellers & Affiliates
  • Publishers
  • Freelancers & Designers
  • Speakers, Trainers & Coaches
  • Webmasters, Bloggers and Membership Owners
  • Home Business Owners
  • Network Marketers

As long as there are lazy or busy people, you will ALWAYS be in business. And your customers will love it for the fact they get all the premium content they need INSTANTLY. Why compete against them... when they can be YOUR loyal customers and choose to BUY from YOU instead!

Some Ways For You To Make Money In The Long Term:

  • Mail Blast - if you've got a substantial mailing list you can make money within moments, easy!
  • Got your own affiliate army? Even better! Your affiliates have a series of proven, high quality products they can pick and promote for commissions. You might as well ride on their efforts and get a cut from your affiliates collective efforts!
  • Cross-sell each of the products in Thank You pages just like how Amazon.com does it!
  • Can be positioned as One-Time Offer or multiple Upsells for your existing product line!
  • Mention them in your special reports, banner ads on your blogs, login/logout pages, and even P.S. reminders in your email newsletters! These efforts may seem minor but in the long run can fetch you a lot of sales!
  • Perfect choice to sell in webinars and make more bang for the buck!
  • Do a Product Launch and pocket In 5-6 figures!

So The BIG Question Is "How Much Does This All Cost?"

Because you're seriously considering this opportunity we want to make this as affordable as possible for you.

There has never been an option to own licenses to all of these Graphics businesses before. In fact the lowest amount each site license sells for right now is $497 (remember that's PER SITE) so that comes up to nearly $5,000.

Which is a bargain in itself, considering the total product and Upsell creation costs close to $25,000 and 3 years total development time.

But you can be set up, start grabbing the glory and taking orders...

With everything done for you... full sales funnel, autopilot affiliate promotions, etc. then you probably agree that anything less than $1,000 is a deal you want to say 'yes' to!

But if all of this could be yours for even less than that, say $497 you'd probably think we're bonkers right?

Well if you can lay off being judgmental for even a while, and see that we're letting everything go for just

That's all there is to it. To quickly recap...

  • We set up all 10 product packages on your server in 72 hours - this includes the Front-Ends, their Upsells and Download Pages
  • You keep 100% of the you generate! There is no profit sharing involved so you don't have to share a cent with us from the profits you make.
  • And this opportunity is strictly for a limited number of people only. There is no time limit to this offer but once we have secured all license holders we are going to close this deal!

YES! I Want To Apply For This Ultimate Licensing Deal Today! I understand that I will get the following:

  • Ultimate Licensing Deal to All 10 of Your Tried and Tested Graphics Businesses
  • You will set everything up on my server within 72 hours (from time of submission)
  • And then I can start making money with these products and keep 100% of the profits!

One-Time Payment Of Just $497

Graphics Sling Ultimate Licensing Deal

Q & A

Q: Do I need separate domain names? Can one do?

A: One domain name is enough. We host multiple products on the same domain too. 🙂 If you want to use separate domains, feel free to but just know that is a matter of preference. In our experience, this has no bearing on whether it affects your sale and impression.

Q: Am I hosting all the product files?

A: We will do the hosting of all the product files for  you on a file storage server, in the interest of time and efficiency. If you request for product files to be on your server, let us know in your special remarks.

Q: Will my name be on the sales page?

A: Yes, absolutely! But if you want a pen name written on the page, let us know in your special remarks.

Q: I am not sure how to go about supplying you the 'buy button' codes. Do I need to do this now? Can I do it later?

A: Not a problem. We can set up your website first. The buy button codes can be attended to afterwards.

Q: More about 'buy button' codes, I am not sure what to do really. How do I create a buy button, or what should I use?

A: Here are some choices you can follow:

- ClickBank.com
- JVZoo.com
- Or you can log into your Paypal account > go to "Merchant" tab and click on "Create Buy Button" to create your buy button.

Graphics Sling Ultimate Licensing Deal

SERVICE GUARANTEE: After installation and setup service is rendered, all sales are final and there will be no refunds offered.