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Subject Line (choose one):

1. [Save 80%] Create your own video ads in minutes

2. [NEW] How to easily build your own video ads (with no video software)

3. Your own high converting videos (no software, no design skill needed)

4. Building video ads just got easier…



There’s a brand new solution that’s just out that will solve all your video ad creation woes!

In A Hurry? Get The Full Details Here:

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As you probably already know, videos are vital marketing tools. Successful e-commerce marketers use 90% videos in their FB ads!

Whether you are E-commerce marketer, offline business owner, service provider, or sell anything online…

If you’re not using videos you’re doing business handicapped!

But creating your own video is a problem…

… Not unless you use Video Ad Templates:

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With Video Ad Templates, you can build video ads in 3 easy steps:

1. Open the template in Powerpoint

2. Edit the text and add your own Images into the Slides

3. Render as video – and DONE!

All these within minutes possibly.

See How It Works Here:

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And yes, all you need is Powerpoint and you can start building your own high quality, high converting video ads!

This is just launched and it’s going at a special intro price right now so act now and save 80% here:

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Subject Line (choose one):
1. [NEW] Save $1000s and make your own high quality video ads
2. [Stop Using Software] Create your own video ads in minutes
3. No more paying hundreds for every video ad!
4. [SECRET] How to make $100 – $200 per video!



If you’re paying through your nose hiring someone else to create video ads for you, or using expensive monthly software subscriptions to do it…

… Then your problems end here.

Here’s how you can create your own video ads almost instantly!

In A Hurry? Get The Full Details Here:
=> [[AFFLINK]]

Because with Video Ad Templates, you don’t have to shell out huge bucks to build professional, high-converting video ads.

* No Complicated Video Software Needed – you only need Powerpoint to use these templates to build your video ads!

* No Effort And Time Consumption – just fill in the captions and images as you go along…

* No Monthly Or Exorbitant Fees – if you act today you can save 80% from the launch special.

=> [[AFFLINK]]

Plus Here’s Another Cool Part…

Every product owner, service provider and e-commerce store owner will need video ads to sell their offers.

You can do it for them and charge a professional fee!

Even if you charge a modest $100 to $200 per video for your Client, that more than pays for itself!

And you can do that with Video Ad Templates.

It’s a no-brainer – get your instant access here:

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It’s as turnkey as it can get!


Subject Line (choose one):
1. 30 high quality, animate-ready Templates to build video ads!
2. Create epic video ads for pennies on the dollar…
3. Doing E-Commerce? You need this…



Here’s something that just made video ad creation a whole lot EASIER!

June Ashley had just released Video Ad Templates. Check it out here:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

Having video ads is a necessity if you want to promote your products on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

This is all the more vital if you do E-Commerce, where you advertise your products in video form.

It’s not just limited to E-Commerce though: see local business owners, service providers, and such… they are growing to realize how much more reactions, engagements and business they can get with video instead of just text and static image.

With Video Ad Templates, you can now create professional video ads in just minutes!

No copywriting. No design skill. No complicated video software. No monthly or exorbitant fees.

See Video Ad Templates For Yourself Here:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

What You Get…

* 30 unique, high quality Powerpoint Themes
* Slides are animation ready
* Just edit caption and insert images
* 4:3 full HD aspect ratio
* Compatible for Facebook and Instagram ads
* Highly-customizable designs and graphics

Plus Act Now And You Also Get Your Fast Action Bonuses Here:

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P.S. This is just launched and only for the next few days this is going at 80% OFF. There’s no promise the Bonuses will be here forever, and one thing is for sure the price will go up soon.

Save More – Act Now:

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1. Have you seen this yet?
2. If you spending more than 15 minutes creating video ads, read this…
3. Pro-Level Video Ads (with just Powerpoint?)
4. 4 reasons why you need Video Ad Templates


The other day I told you about how you can create your own high quality video ads without having to spend a fortune on third party software or hiring someone else.

If you missed it out, here it is again:

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Here’s how you can have guru-level, engaging video ads you can use to sell your products and services…

4 Reasons Why You Should Get This Now…

* High quality – All 30 unique Themes are designed in clear, high definition style. Use them in confidence!

* Easy to use – Edit the captions and insert images of your Product. That’s it!

* Proven formula – same style of ads used to advertise E-Commerce products

* No Third Party App Or Software Needed – just Powerpoint will do!

Get Video Ad Templates Here:

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In case you missed out my email yesterday…

If you haven’t get your copy to June Ashley’s Video Ad Templates yet then you need to check it out now:

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Here’s what Video Ad Templates can do for you:

* Lets you create your own video ads with just Powerpoint!

* Save time and effort from doing it manually with ‘bulky’ complicated software

* Save money from hiring expensive videographers

* And more you can do with over 30+ customizable designs and niche themes to choose from…

Preview Them Here:

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Right now you can get it at basement price but you need to hurry though before the price goes up with each copy sold…

Get It Now Before Price Goes Up:

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1. [Price Doubling Soon] 30 powerpoint themes to build epic video ads
2. [24 Hours Left] Last chance to get Video Ad Templates…

The early bird special is about to end soon. Here’s how to build epic video ads with just Powerpoint and do it in minutes…

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This amazing collection of 30 unique Powerpoint themes that allows you to cut short expensive costs and extensive effort for video ad creation.

No design skill needed.
No expensive fees.
No hassles.

Instead of spending several hours or a day creating just one video ad, you can now produce many and that means launch multiple E-Commerce Products…

Or do it for other people and get paid.

Right now you can get Video Ad Templates at a rock bottom price.

An absolute no-brainer investment indeed!

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