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Infographics IM Edition

product bundle

Hi JVs!

Ashley and Kayte-Lee here. We are excited to do our first graphics product ever and we want to invite you to our launch party! :)

We will be launching the Infographics IM Edition which features 10 ready-made infographics, all specific to the Internet Marketing theme. The infographics can be used on:

  • Facebook (most recommended - images account 77% of the most shared media on Facebook!)

  • Twitter (infographics get 832% more retweets than other images!)

  • Pinterest

  • Blog posts

  • As a bonus to another product (recommend to save as PDF for increased perceived value)

  • Can even be printed as a physical poster!

While pictures and photos are the most shared format on the Internet, infographics stand out as the most interesting and most effective branding tool, both to inform your visitors and promote yourself. Millions of businesses are catching up on that, unfortunately creating your own infographics require both detailed research and careful expertise to create.

So Kayte and I teamed up to introduce our infographics package to the masses at an affordable price. :) There is a huge demand for it... and your customers will love them!

+PLUS we are also giving the Private Label Rights allowing your customers to edit them if they want to.


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We would appreciate your support! And if you have your own offer in the near future we'll be more than happy to reciprocate! (Preferably it's your own graphics product too since it's our core niche)


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Infographics IM Edition:

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(Bonus Angle - most recommended swipe email!)

NOTE: using bonuses can greatly increase your sales and conversions! Follow these steps:

Step 1. Download the PDF file here containing links to the bonuses.

Step 2. Log into your JVZoo account, then go to Affiliate > Affiliate Bonuses. Choose "Add New Bonus". Select "Infographics IM Edition" and upload this PDF file as the bonus. Click SAVE. Now your bonus delivery is automated!

Step 3. Next, use this swipe email below:

Subject Line:
1. Get 6 bonuses for new Infographics package
2. Grab your $500 bonus for new Infographics PLR

There's a brand new infographics package just released by graphic designers June Ashley and Kayte-Lee. If you have a social media profile and need viral worthy content, or information products that need quality material, you are soooo going to love this!

=> [[AFFLINK]]

There are 10 infographics on many hot marketing topics that are 100% ready to go, and you also have the option to edit, rebrand or customize them too!

Normally infographics costs a few hundred dollars each to make, but you can get it at intro price now:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

That's Not All... if you decide to snap this up through my link today, you also qualify for these extra bonuses!

BONUS #1. 87 Blank Graphics Elements
Seals, boxes and shapes for easy editing and writing over.

BONUS #2. Easy Banner Maker Pro V2
Easily make your own high converting banner ads with these templates.

BONUS #3. 25 Male Business Characters Vector
Various figures for use on your website, in information products and presentations - JPEG and PDF format

BONUS #4. 25 Female Business Characters Vector
Various figures for use on your website, in information products and presentations - JPEG and PDF format

BONUS #5. Powerhouse Graphics Package
10 website elements rolled into one power pack! Also comes with Resell Rights!

BONUS #6. 5 Office Backgrounds (AI, PDF and PNG format)

Act today and you get to sweep all these bonuses at no extra cost:

=> [[AFFLINK]]


P.S. The delivery of these bonuses is automated and you can get them right away in your JVZoo Customer Portal after purchase. :)

P.P.S. Before I forget, this infographics package is being launched at intro price now but it won't stay that way forever. In fact, price is going up daily as you read this so avoid delays:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

(Infographic Angle)

Subject Line:
1. Get your new customizable infographics!
2. Instant content for your facebook pages and blogs!

Did you know? If you check your Facebook newsfeeds or you're on Pinterest you will know that Infographics are popular.

They make perfect viral material for your friends and THEIR friends to share, and that's why social media marketers love them so much.

Unfortunately, they make it look so simple because in actuality, it is *PRICEY* to create them.

FYI they usually cost around $500 to create (if you want them to be good)...

... Well, until now that is.

Check out this killer pack of 10 premium infographics:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

And this is good stuff because:

* These infographics are a summary on hot marketing topics that people are paying THOUSANDS of dollars out there to learn!

* This is viral worthy

* It is done professionally by two graphic artists

* And you can use them as-is or even customize them...

... Minus the exorbitant fees!

Basically, not only can you use these infographics to promote your blogs, social pages, and sales pages...

... You can ALSO edit them as much as you want to create entirely new infographics!

And right now you can get them at a cost much lower than if you try to outsource on your own:

=> [[AFFLINK]]


P.S. Infographics like this are pricey to create. In fact, right now this is being launched at intro price so you can get it at a fraction before it goes back to its retail price of at least $197 or above.

Wait till you see the price you can get them at if you hurry:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

(PLR Angle)

Subject Line:
1. 10 brand new Infographics with PLR...
2. New Private Label Rights to Infographics package!

Photos and images are by far the most commonly shared content online... especially on social sites!

When it comes to promoting your business blogs, websites, sales pages and so on, infographics are becoming one of the most powerful tools you can use to create viral traffic.

This special today gives you Private Label Rights access to our 10 newest infographics:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

This means that you not only get access to great infographics but you ALSO get the editable PSD/PNG versions so you can change them and even create your own unique graphics!

Take a few minutes to price out the cost of having a custom infographic designed. (Hint: its not cheap ;-)

This PLR bundle will save you a ton of money and give you the customization features you need to take full advantage of the viral nature of images to promote your brand.

The special pricing only lasts for a few days and the price of this offer increases every sale. Be sure to check it out ASAP if you want to get the best deal possible:

=> [[AFFLINK]]


P.S. In fact here's what small business and startup strategists Chris Ducker said about infographics:

"I've seen them popping up more and more this past year, and not one to ignore a trend, nor what a trend seems to be delivering for those that jump on it (Neil Patel recently attributed 2,512,596 visitors to his sites via his infographics!), I thought I’d give it a whirl myself."

Get instant viral worthy content and build your expert status, fans and traffic with these 100% ready-to-go infographics:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

(Reminder - Send Following Day)

Subject Line:
1. RE: 10 brand new Infographics with PLR...
2. Have you seen this yet?

It's YOUR NAME here with a gentle reminder in case you missed this out the other day.

Graphic designers June Ashley and Kayte-Lee had just released a brand new infographics package on hot marketing topics - you can use them for your social media profiles to attract shares and likes...

... Or use as content for your website, blogs and information products!

=> [[AFFLINK]]

You can use them as-is or even rebrand them as your own (which I suggest you do)

It's crazy... because Infographics like this usually go for hundreds of dollars each but you can get them all at a ridiculously low price today:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

There's only one catch: the price goes up a bit every few copies sold until it hits its intended retail price, and lasts only for the week - whichever one comes first.

Get instant viral worthy content and build your expert status, fans and traffic with these 100% ready-to-go infographics:

=> [[AFFLINK]]


(Reminder - Send In Last 24 or 48 Hours)

Subject Line:
1. (Price increasing soon!) 10 new infographics
2. 10 new PLR infographics (48 hours left)

This is your last chance to get the all-new infographics package by June Ashley and Kayte-Lee at a ridiculous discount:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

You can use them as-is or even rebrand them as your own (most recommended)

Use on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...

Or use as content for your blogs and sales letters...

Even in information products be it online or offline...

The discount is in effect only for the next 48 more hours so don't miss it out before the price reverts back to retail:

=> [[AFFLINK]]


And if you have any blogs or websites, you can also include any of the following banners of your choice - be sure to replace [[AFFLINK]] with your actual affiliate link!


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Looking forward to send huge instant commissions your way!

June Ashley Kayte-Lee Edmund Loh


P.S. If you need to get in touch with us on this launch, email at ashley [at] graphicsling [dot] com or kaytelee [at] graphicsling [dot] com and we will be right with you!